Every year, I sign up to a 90 day program with one of my long-term mentors, Michael Neill called Creating the Impossible.

I have a love/hate affair with this program. It’s like having babies – all very exciting when you find out you’re first pregnant, then once the birthing bit is over you swear you’ll never ever do it again. And then there you are, finding yourself doing it all over again.

The premise behind the program is to choose a project where you believe you have less than a 20% chance of success and a willingness to explore what is actually truly possible.

Every year, I spend 6 weeks before the program starts trying to come up with a project to ‘do Creating the Impossible on’ – but this time around I hadn’t even considered doing it. With babies, when you’re done, you know you’re done. I simply just was not interested this time around and just deleted all the emails that came out about the program.

And then…this project found me. Restoring this rose farm that I live on back to it’s former glory.

I have shared previously all the reasons why this impossible but I don’t think restoring a rose garden to full flowering beauty before the end of April is even 1% possible given the laws of nature so I’m creating a 90-day project that’s a step towards this longer-term vision.

We have a small patch of garden that we fondly call ‘The Poo Garden”. See picture at the top of this post. It’s the one fenced-off bit of the garden that we could contain our unruly puppy-now-grown-up-dog, Digger in when we toilet-trained him six years ago.

My 90 day project is to transform this patch of garden into a cut flower garden, so thriving with flowers that I can set up at our local farmer’s market here in the village and sell at least one bunch of my gorgeous blooms before the 90 days is out (late April).

And transform its name from The Poo Garden to The Cowshed Garden by the end of the project.

Reasons this is impossible:

  1. See above. I have grown four hydrangeas in my life. Apart from that I have killed every living plant I have ever got my hands on. Green-fingered I am not.

  2. My Poo Garden is about 10m by 10m and as my husband has been away for a week it’s full of poo. (The only way I would agree to a dog initially was if I didn’t have to do his poo clearing. The kids all promised. None of them delivered. Hence my wonderful husband has been on poo-clearing duty for six years and has never once complained. He’s amazing but I sense if I take over The Poo Garden, I’ll also be responsible for taking over the poo.)

  3. There are no flower beds, and although I’ve researched and ordered the stuff that looks like it’s needed for raised flower beds, I fear this will require the use of a hammer and nails. DIY falls into our list of ‘things I have attempted but always cause more damage than fixing of stuff so will never attempt again.’

  4. I know nothing about floristry even if I I knew what the right stuff was to grow to go in a bouquet, I have no idea how to put it together so someone will want to buy it. And there a probably ‘proper’ florist at the farmer’s market who will expose me as a fraud-florist.

  5. We have deer that come into our garden. They have never ventured into The Poo Garden (to our knowledge) but once I grow some tasty snacks here, who knows?

  6. To change the name from The Poo Garden, I’ll have to train the dog to go somewhere else. He doesn’t train easy.

  7. The cow shed you can see in the background could fall down at any point. Then not only would my flowers be crushed but we’d have no cow shed to re-name the garden after.


Blah blah blah.

This is the project nonetheless.

I’ve joined Creating the Impossible this time around to have a bunch of other people playing with creating things alongside me as I do my thing. To see what I can see that’s new about creating and impossibility. We don’t officially start until 19th January but my project has already begun so I’m a few steps ahead this time around.

Two weeks ago I had nothing but one simple idea: Restore this rose farm. Since then, I’ve read a LOT about gardening and roses and cut flower gardens and you-tubed a great deal. I’ve attempted to prune and tie in some roses. I’ve ordered seeds. I’ve even planted a handful. I’ve ordered compost, manure and wood to make flower beds.

Weirdly, it already feels like something intangible inside of me is becoming a gardener.

Let the games begin.

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