The start of a new decade..and with it a new project.

I live on what used to be a rose farm.

It’s called ‘Rose Farm’.

I’ve lived here for 6 years and despite totally ignoring everything in the garden, we still have a handful of roses that are determined to bloom. That are so breathtakingly beautiful and a reminder of how life wants to thrive no matter what.

I run a business online. I spend a huge amount of time at my desk and in front of a screen. My clients are all around the world and as a result you’re more likely to find me speaking to a client in Australia than hanging out with a real live human being in my local café.

I feel like there are billion particles of me spread finely all over the planet and a desire to feel more grounded in the here and now. In my body, in my family, with my friends and in my home.

So….the new project is to turn Rose Farm…back into a rose farm. Or at least a garden where I can grow and cut flowers for the family kitchen table, my daughters’ desks and my bedside drawers.

This project also resonates with my (very late to the party) awakening to the issues of climate change. I LOVE beautiful flowers, but the miles of air and road transport required to bring flowers to the UK, along with the chemicals and processing required to bring me garishly coloured, scentless blooms means I’ve reluctantly given up having real flowers in my home.

But what if I could grow my own? And make them bee-friendly too?

Quite frankly, this is an impossible project.

  1. I have grown four hydrangeas in my life. Apart from that I have killed every living plant I have ever got my hands on. Green-fingered I am not.
  2. My garden is just over an acre and I have no idea where to start. It’s boggy, most of it is a field, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even stepped foot in most of it – let alone know its PH balance (or something). See the falling off house sign above as an indication of the general level of neglect.
  3. I know what hydrangeas and roses are but couldn’t match a single other name of a flower to its picture. Except maybe a daisy?
  4. We have deer that rampage through the garden eating every vegetable-growing attempt my husband has ever made in the past.
  5. My body has adapted to sitting in front of a computer all day, every day so my physical fitness and resilience is pretty much non-existent. I think I can probably cut some flowers, but digging and nailing stuff together is waaay out of my league
  6. Who on earth has time to garden? I’ll probably never see my kids again given the chances of one of them actually stepping outside (outside of an imposed forced dog-walk) would be a miracle.

Yet despite all that, here I am. Declaring myself in on this project.

And this blog is a way to keep a track of progress. All those things in my life I’ve done where I wish I’d made more notes of the journey….not this time. To document the ‘before’ in the hope that there will be ‘after’ pictures. To record the good days (fingers crossed) to look back on when the bad days inevitably happen. And because I like writing and haven’t done it for a while.