I haven’t set any New Year’s Resolutions for a while. For the past six years or so, I’ve ditched them in favour of being guided in the moment by that little inner voice that seems to provide an in-the-moment responsive knowing what to do. No resolutions required.

But this year, some rose unbidden to mind – so here they are – firstly the themes.

The words that represent 2020 for me are simplicity, openness and realness.

To explain: For about the last six years, I’ve had a yearning for simplicity. Simplicity on the inside (a quieter mind, more peace and love in my experience of life no matter what’s going on outside) and on the outside. Less clutter, less to do, more space in my diary, less tech, less busy, a handful of friends instead of thirty thousand ‘friends’. It seems to me a simpler, less consumerist approach to life would be of huge value to our environment and health of the planet. I started with the outside in 2003, quickly abandoned in that as I realised the inside-out nature of life, and am returning to it now. Why? Who knows. I’ve stopped asking ‘why’ and feel like I’m simply following quiet instruction from someplace beyond my little pea brain.

Openness. I’m not sure what this one means yet but it’s a feeling of expansion, of allowing anything and everyone in (whether that be mad gardening ideas or public speaking engagements or what my kids do or don’t want to get up to) and a sense of freedom.

Realness. I’ve spent the last few years exploring the formless, inexplicable world of whatever it is that exists beyond and before our experience of life. Mostly in my office tucked away from the world. I’ve been having the most wonderful time. And now this has turned towards a playing with the form instead. The ‘real’. So more time connecting with my body through moving it around more and actually being aware of it rather than just ignoring it, getting my hands dirty in the mud and growing things, cleaning and caring for my house, stepping away from the tech, getting out of my office and spending more time with the people in my local community and with those that I love.

  1. Find a way to provide support to people with anxiety and stress in a way that’s affordable and accessible to all. (That relates to my ‘real job’ I do over here).
  2. Turn the rose farm I live on back into a rose farm. Create a cut flower garden so my home can be filled with flowers in way that doesn’t destroy the planet. And helps the bees.
  3. Reduce my dependence on my phone by removing all social media.
  4. Spend 3 hours a day outside. No idea how yet but I’m going to have to get creative. Running? Gardening? Dog walking?
  5. Learn floristry, photography and gardening.

Edit to post: I did call this post New Year’s Resolutions but I’m a changeable creature and highly likely to find new ideas and challenges arise through the year so changed the name to First Quarter Resolutions.

Already feels more do-able.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash