It’s a simple yet profound thing to play our part in the creation of life. Planting seeds last weekend and seeing their tiny shoots this week – 2% me putting them in soil, 98% something other than me “life-ing”.

What even IS that? (I notice I have picked up teen-speak from my kids – a sure sign of middle age.)

Mother Nature, God, Life, Energy, whatever you want to call it – it’s invisible, it’s formless, it somehow moves things from not existing to existing and then knows how to grow and operate them. Such a relief to know that’s not my job!

It’s so powerful that when I hack all the rose bushes right down to the ground, in theory this spring and summer they will come back even more beautiful, resilient and thriving than before. That even though they’ve been swamped for as long as we’ve lived this house (so 6 years) if not longer, those roses are still pushing out new shoots and growing regardless.

The nature of life is to thrive, to grow, to expand, to be fully ALIVE with the very essence of whatever it is that’s the force behind all of it. It’s the thing that turned the picture above into the picture below in the space of a week.

Sweetpea seedlings – 1 week after planting

And we get to play in partnership with that force, in fact it’s the thing that moves our fingers to place seeds into the soil in the first place. I’m in awe.

Creating the Impossible project ( As a reminder, this currently stands as creating a cut flower garden and selling a bouquet at the local farmers market in the next 90 days. Though subject to change as we are officially only selecting projects this week.)

We officially kicked off on Sunday. However….I realised there is a local flower gardener in operation in my village. Their flowers are beautiful and already in the local cafe. Who am I to do what I’m trying to do and sell my flowers at the local market? He’s probably already got an established client base, has a stall at the market, is so good at growing flowers he can do it in his sleep and so charges half what I would. And he’s probably really nice so I’ll feel evil if I step on his toes.

The ‘Oh shit someone’s already doing this and they’re doing it WAY better than I’ll be able to ‘ part of any impossible project that, if you didn’t know better, would take you out of the game. Luckily, I do know that all that is an insecure story and in truth I have no idea about any of that – my mind is simply spinning me stories – none of which are required to be taken seriously.

And on a less philosophical note – here are the…

Jobs that were done this week:

  1. Poo garden cleared. THAT’s where all my odd socks have gone then, through the dog. I thought he’d given up his old ways but evidently not. Luckily they were all frozen because of a huge frost so it wasn’t as traumatic as I feared. Obviously this is a temporary clearing due to the nature of dogs and poo but it was a good start.

  2. Peonies were planted in containers. These are probably my favourite flowers ever alongside roses and apparently deer don’t like them. Weird looking things and hopefully after following many youtube videos they were planted the right way up.

  3. The ‘Raised Beds’ that I ordered – hoping they would come with Ikea-style pre-drilled holes and instruction manual turned out to be planks of wood and some screws. I learned how to use power tools and 120 screws later – I had built 6 raised flower beds. I have never been prouder of anything in my whole life. (Probably even more than having babies actually). I have never ever successfully completed any kind of DIY project before (except building Ikea furniture). Part of my mission is to involved my kids in this project and I even managed to bully my 14 year old son into helping me my promising a dog-walk amnesty in exchange for building one of the beds – thereby fulfilling an ambition of mine to get a photo of him drilling stuff outside like all proper children should. He moaned throughout but then the next day did ask ‘Which one did I build?’ with a degree of pride (he’s more used to destroying things in playstation-land than creating them in real life). And my daughter did the insta shot.

  4. I cut my three favourite roses almost to the ground. I nearly cried because it felt so brutal to cut them down when every year they produce such beautiful flowers. But they’re long-limbed and straggly and apparently they will love me for doing this. I think I may have killed them. We’ll find out in the summer.

  5. I started attacking the driveway along the side of the cow shed. When I took a proper look, there are about 8 extremely thick-stemmed roses along there totally suffocating with old ferns and some green leaves ( I have no idea if they are weeds or plants but I pulled them all up). I’m not sure what happens next but I just want to clear the space to see what I’m working with. That was about 7 wheelbarrows of branches and stuff. I meant to just do the one section of the wall but it’s addictive and I carried on until I could no longer see what I was chopping.

    From this:

    To this…

  6. And the cover was taken of the sweetpea seeds to discover they had started growing!!

  7. And plans were drawn up for the garden I aspire to this summer:

7 impossible things in just one week. Not bad.