floranthropy: using flowers philanthropically as a celebration of beauty, love and life

Bringing beauty and joy to the older residents in Chobham and Woking by coming together through the growing and giving of flowers.


Over 30,000 people in Woking are over the age of 85.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are all too common amongst older people and can often be accelerated due to ill health, lack of mobility and bereavement. It quickly spirals and soon older people can lose their confidence to get out of the house and socialise.

There are many wonderful organisations in our area that provide befrienders to those who are housebound, but after that visit is over, imagine if that volunteer could leave behind a simply vase of flowers to remind that person that they are loved and thought about all week long.

To let them know that because of them, their community is brought together – in a way that couldn’t happen without them.

To remind them that an appreciation of beauty, love and the feeling of being alive are available to all of us, no matter what.

 “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”  Mother Teresa

Here at The Rose Farm, we’re partnering with Woking Age Concern to provide weekly flowers this summer. Watch this space as the project unfolds!


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The traditional cut flower industry is damaging our environment as flowers are refrigerated, dipped in chemicals and flown for miles to reach our vases.

But there is an alternative: Beautiful blooms from your local flower farm, right here on your doorstep.

Full of scent, freshly picked and ecologically sound, picked that very morning.

And you know that every bouquet you buy contributes to another to a person who doesn’t have anyone to send them flowers.


about me

My name is Nic Bird and I’ve been in love with flowers my whole life. But when I discovered the damage to the environment created by the traditional cut flower industry, I thought I had to simply give up having beautiful blooms to brighten my kitchen table and my daughters’ desks.

But then I discovered a whole group of flower farmers based here in UK who are all growing seasonal flowers right on our doorsteps. And from this community of (mostly women), I’ve been learning how to grow my own cut flower garden in my small 2 x 1m flower beds.

However,  I’m growing more than I can use, or give to friends and family and it struck me that there are people in my local village who could really benefit from being thought about in the way that the giving of fresh flowers represents and the collaboration with Age Concern was born.

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